Books by author

Adams, S. N. The Reading List

Allende, I. A Long Petal of the Sea, Violeta

Atkinson, K. Shrines of Gaiety

Austin, S. A Devon Night’s Death

Batuman, E. Either/Or

Barker, P. The Silence of the Girls

Beaton, K. Ducks

Bechdel, A. The Secret to Superhuman Strength

Benedict, M. The Personal Librarian

Bennett, B. The Vanishing Half

Berry, F. Northern Spy

Bilal, P. Dogstar Rising, The Divinities

Bishop, D.V. City of Vengeance, The Darkest Sin

Blok, R. Into the Fire

Boyne, J. The Heart’s Invisible Furies, The Echo Chamber

Box, C.J. Open Season

Brown, J. Secrets of a Devon Wood

Buchan, E. The Museum of Broken Promises, Two Women in Rome

Burke, J. L. The Last Car to Elysian Fields, Every Cloak Rolled in Blood

Buret, G.M. Case Study

Burton, J. The House of Fortune

Byrne, P. The Adventures of Miss Barbara Pym

Carey, C. J. Widowland, Queen High

Carter, H. Wild Interiors

Carty, C. W. Queenie

Celestin, R. Sunset Swing

Chambers, C. Small Pleasures

Chan, J. The School for Good Mothers

Chatto, B. Beth Chatto’s Green Tapestry Revisited: A guide to a sustainably planted garden

Chen, K. J. Joan

Child, L and A. No Plan B

Choo, Y. The Night Tiger

Chowdhury, A. The Waiter

Clarke, S. Piranesi

Clements, R. The Man in The bunker

Cleeves, A. The Long Call

Coe, J. Bournville

Cosby, S.A. Razorblade Tears

Crais, R. Racing the Light

Cruz Smith, M. The Girl from Venice

Cummins, F. Into the Dark

de Gramont, N. The Christie Affair

DeWitt, P. French Exit

Diaz, H. Trust

Donoghue, E. Haven

Eden, C. Red Sands

Egan, J. The Candy House

Ellory, R. J. The Last Highway

Erdrich, L. The Sentence

Escandon, M.A. L.A. Weather

Evaristo, B. Manifesto: On never giving up

Everett, P. The Trees

Ezaz-Nikpay, K. Fibre for Life

Ferrante, E. My Brilliant Friend, The Lying Life of Adults

Flyn, C. Islands of Abandonment: Life in a post-human landscape

Franzen, J. Crossroads

Freedman, B. The Bourne Evolution

Furst, A. The Foreign Correspondent

Galbraith, R. The Ink Black Heart

Garmus, B. Lessons in Chemistry

Garner, A. Treacle Walker

Gawdat, M. Solve for Happy: Engineer your path to joy

George, E. Something to Hide

Gilman, D. Betrayal

Greaney, M. Sierra Six

Gilbert, E. The Signature of All Things

Greer, A. S. Less, Less is Lost

Gregory, S. A Plague on Both Your Houses, An Unholy Alliance, A Bone of Contention, A Deadly Brew

Groff, L. Matrix

Gyasi, Y. Transcendent Kingdom

Hadley, T. The Past

Hamer, M. Seed to Dust: A gardener’s story

Hammer, C. Opal Country

Harari, Y. N. 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Harper, E. The Wolf Den

Harris, O. The Hollow Man, A Season in Exile

Harris, Z. D. The Other Black Girl

Herron, M. Bad Actors, Slough House

Hessel, K. The Story of Art without men

Hill, S. Howard’s End is on the Landing

Hindle, T. A Fatal Crossing

Horowitz, A. The Word is Murder

Huguley, P. By Her Own Design

Hunter, C. of LIfe

Isaka, K. Bullet Train

Jago, L. A Net for Small Fishes

Jeffers, H. F. The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois

Jefferson, M. Constructing a Nervous System

Johnstone, D. The Space Between Us

Judd, A. Queen and Country

Kanon, J. The Berlin Exchange

Kapoor, D. Age of Vice

Keane, M. Good Behaviour

Keefe, P. R. Empire of Pain: The secret history of the Sackler Dynasty, The Snake Head

Kerr, J. Judith Kerr’s Creatures

King, S. Fairy Tale

Kingsolver, B. Demon Copperhead

Knight, I. Darling

Lansdale, J. R. Moon Lake

Lee, M.J. Pachinko

Levy, D. Real Estate

Leon, D. Give unto Others, Unto Us a Son is Given

Locke, A. Heaven, My Home

Lockwood, P. no one is talking about this

Lowe, H. The Kids

Lownie, A. Traitor King

Mason, M. Sorrow and Bliss

Mason, S. A Killing in November

Mbue, I. Behold the Dreamers, How Beautiful We Were

McAnulty, D. Diary of a Young Naturalist

McBride, J. Deacon King Kong

McCurdy, J. I’m Glad My Mother Died

McDaniel, T. Betty

McDermid, V. 1979

McFadden, B. L. Sugar

McGuire, I. The Abstainer

McIlvanney, W and Rankin, I. The Dark Remains

McKinty, A. The Cold Cold Ground

Meyer D. The Dark Flood

Michaelides, A. The Maidens

Miller, P. The GoldenAcre

Mir, S. The Khan

Mohamed, N. The Fortune Men

Mosley, W. Blood Grove

Murray, V. C. The Personal Librarian

Mukherjee, A. The Shadows of Men

Nadal, B. Forfeit

Ng, C. Our Missing Hearts

Nolan, D. Vine Street

O’Brien, E. The Country Girls

O’Donoghue, C. Scenes of a Graphic Nature

O’Farrell, M. The Mariage Portrait

Osman, R. The Man Who Died Twice

Ozeki, R. The Book of Form and Emptiness

Parks, A. May God Forgive

Patchett, A. These Precious Days, part 2

Pariat. J. Everything the Light Touches

Parris, S. J. Execution

Pears, T. The Horseman

Pendziwol, J. The Lightkeeper’s Daughters

Penny, L. The Madness of Crowds, Still Life, A World of Curiosities

Picoult, J. Mad Honey

Powers, R. Bewilderment

Questlove, Music is History

Quinn, A. Curtain Call

Quinn, A. J. Undertow

Quinn, J. The Whalebone Theatre

Rankin, I. A Heart Full of Headstones

Rawlence, B. The Treeline

Reid Jenkins, T. Carrie Soto is Back

Rundell, K. Super-Infinite

Sahota, S. China Room

Sandford, J. Righteous Prey

Saunders, G. Liberation Day

Seymour, G. The Foot Soldiers

Shafak, E. The Island of Missing Trees

Shields, C. The Stone Diaries

Shriver, L. Should we Stay or Should we Go

Simmonds, P. Cassandra Darke

Smith, E. Portable Magic: A history of books and their readers

St John Mandel, E. Sea of Tranquility

Stott, R. Dark Earth

Stringfellow, T. M. Memphis

Strout, E. Oh William!, Lucy by the Sea

Taylor, E. Angel

Tinghui Zhang, J. Four Treasures of the Sky

Thubron, C. The Amur River

Trevanian. Shibumi

Tóibín, C. The Magician

Towles, A. A Gentleman in Moscow, The Lincoln Highway

Tucci. S. Taste

Walter, B. F. How Civil Wars Start: And how to stop them

Walton, D. The Final Revival of Opal and Nev

Wassef, N. Chronicles of a Cairo Bookseller

Watson, C. Semicolon

Weaver, T. The Blackbird

Weiden, D. H. W. – Winter Counts

Weir, A. Project Hail Mary

Whitehead, C. The Nickel Boys

Wilkinson, L. American Spy

Williams, P. The Dictionary of Lost Words

Winman, S. Still Life

Winslow, D. Satori, City on Fire

Wolitzer, M. The Female Persuasion

Yaffa, J. Between Two Fires

Yanagihara, H. To Paradise

Yong, E. An Immense World

Zauner, M. Crying in H Mart

Zevin, G. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow