Every Cloak Rolled in Blood by James Lee Burke

I haven’t read any of this series before and I think if I had to categorise it I would put it in the ghost section. Every Cloak Rolled in Blood majors on the ghosts from the near past to the far, far away in time and is something Burke does refer to in his Robicheaux series but not in the way this book does.

The blurb does say that this book is drawn from Burkes own life experiences and I wish it would make it clearer which ones: seeing past battles that took place on your land, believing in evil spirits? I know that he lost a daughter a little while ago and in this story Aaron Broussard, an 85 year old author (How old is Burke now? Yup – probably 85ish when he wrote this book.) lost his daughter and she visits him regularly to help identify a murderer. I wonder if that bit is drawn on his experiences with his daughter visiting him, maybe not to identify a murderer but to help in some way.

Burke writes really well and is always able to bring the place to life which is one of the things I love about the Robicheaux series. This series isn’t really for me but there were familiar elements although these were on steroids in this book.

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