Execution by S. J. Parris

The lesson I learnt when reading this book is to stick to one historical detective series at a time. If you don’t, they get all confused in your head particularly as I am doing what Susan Hill describes as ‘Gobbling-up’ reading rather than ‘Slow reading’. The pause to write about the book briefly here on the blog is welcome and ensures that I do at least reflect a little bit but not enough in the case of these series.

I also said I would read these books in order and I didn’t which left me wondering throughout the book why certain things were as they were. Note to self: do what you say you are going to do and only read one series at a time!

Execution is book 6 in the Bruno series and revolves around who is the rightful queen, Mary or Elizabeth, the former in prison and the latter on the throne and how this can be reversed. Bruno has to infiltrate a group of Catholics, pretend to be a priest from Spain and find out how they are going to enable Mary to escape and kill Elizabeth.

The murder that is uncovered at the start of the book is quite compelling and is solved in a way that I didn’t forsee. As usual, the historical content is well-researched and written and conveys the time well. It is a really good series.

You might also enjoy Alchemy from the same series.

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