Righteous Prey by John Sandford

Every now and then I need a little amuse bouche in reading, just to cleanse my palate and to read without having to think too hard to keep up with the author. The Davenport and Flowers series is one of the places I go for just such a thing.

Here, a group of very rich people, all of whom became rich through Bitcoin, and who are bored. To relieve this, they decide to kill people who are fascists, unpleasant and who in general deserve to die. They each agree to kill one person and taunt the police, FBI and Marshalls by releasing a news report shortly after committing the crime.

Flowers and Davenport are of course the heroes who have to work with the other judicial institutions but work outside of them, doing their own thing. They go off and knock on doors and do what is called the scut work but it pays off and they get leads.

In its usual fashion, the story rolls along quickly, chapters that are not too long and plenty of action. That is all I needed.

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