The Hollow Man by Oliver Harris

This is book 1 of the Nick Belsey series by Harris and starts as it means to go on. Belsey, the constable of the detective world, is homeless, a criminal and trying to run away. What stops him is the time it takes to get the money together to disappear and the solving of a crime which eventually saves him.

Belsey kjnows the criminal underworld because he grew up with them but in this story, takes up residence in a house belonging to a supposed murder victim because no one else seems that interested in the case. This, however, uncovers a complex world of money laundering and financing and ultimately one big con, including the police conning each other.

It is hard to work out whether the hollow man in the title is the supposed murder victim, Belsey himself, the corrupt police and city of London or all of them. Gambling features highly as a lucrative way to make money and the police seem quite happy to follow a line of enquiry that they know isn’t right and don’t want to link events together for fear of what the public might say.

If you like your detectives amoral and cynical then this is a series for you.

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Book 1 The Hollow Man

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