Into the Fire by Rachael Blok

Into the Fire is a book based on that classic idea of a load of people in a place together, one of them dies and it must be someone in the room who is the guilty one. Will everyone else survive?

In this story a tech company launches a new game and gathers all the investors and people who support the company together for a weekend of celebrating and signing contracts. Each chapter focuses on a different character and slowly as the book moves on, more and more links between the characters are established until they are all connected, even the police officer sent to the party to look after one of the guests.

The jealousies, blackmail, greed and ex-lovers are hidden around every corner leading to a helicopter crash, a poisoning, and threatening notes until the final fire when the guilty party is caught.

I have to admit to losing interest in the middle of the book and ending up reading the end. The plot was a little obvious although I didn’t guess who dunnit!

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