The Waiter by Ajay Chowdhury

The special thing about this book is that it is set in both London and Kolkata with both places being well described and brought to life.

Rahman used to be a sub-inspector with the police in Kolkata until he took on a case that he thought he had been chosen for because of his fantastic detecting skills. Instead, he was chosen so that he could be manipulated into finding an acceptable outcome for a death with his father pulling the strings.

He runs away to London, attends a party in his new role as a waiter and ends up with a murder to solve and in doing so finally understands the case from Kolkata.

The book is more towards the cozy crime end of a crime continuum that has grizly noir at the opposite end, but is not without its moments. The writing is smooth and keeps you turning the pages – the sort of book I would read on holiday and thoroughly enjoy.

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