Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld

This is a very witty romantic comedy about a TV comedy writer, The Night Owls, who has sworn off love and thrown herself into her hectic work. We get a lot of information about how a weekly TV show is written by teams and then acted out in front of a live audience. The romance part, however, is predictable with a few tweaks. He is a famous musician and they meet at work where he is guest editing the show and appearing on it as the musical interlude.

There are many obstacles to their getting together: being offensive, work schedules, distance but eventually, during lockdown, he emails her and they start a lockdown email relationship. The emails are long and talk of their everyday lives and other more existential elements to their lives. They meet up, stay with each other and then he assumes that she will give up her job and move into his house. She moves into a hotel and stays there for a few days until her step-father is ill with COVID. Together, they go and look after him and then all move to California, where he was living. There is not much else that could happen in a romance.

What does make this a little different is the quality of dialogue and one-liners between the two main characters and the fact that lockdown has an effect on the relationship. The book starts to explore what happens when one person in the relationship is much more famous than the other but doesn’t really come to a conclusion other than the woman giving up her job to live with him.

Not really my cup of tea.

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