Taste by Stanley Tucci

Tucci likes to eat and drink, be it his martini that he mixes at the end of every day to the food that he and his wife like to try at restaurants and to cook himself. In fact, as a result of his cancer and not being able to eat food for several months, his metabolism has been reset and he can eat like he did in his 20s. And it is a vast amount.

This is an autobiography of Tucci through food with the book containing several recipes both of his own and his grandparents from Calabria who settled in America for a better life.

Tucci plays around with telling us about food and uses dialogue scripts to re-enact some conversations about food, otherwise using prose. He delves into his life on set, his marriages and life with his children and the food they all eat, including his wedding menu.

I ws a bit disappointed with the book finding parts of it repetitive and belaboured. I do, however, appear to be out of synch with everyone else about this book so give it a go.

I think this book would pair very well with Toast by Nigel Slater.

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