The Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew by Susanna Gregory

Rather than write a longer review of each book in this series, I will write a short one, adding to this page as I read the books in order.

4. A Deadly Brew

As the title suggests this is all about poison. Six bottles of poisoned wine are stolen and end up in various places throughout Cambridge causing death. The people who obtained them attempt to get them back and in doing so kill more people. But the real crime behind all of this is smuggling on the Fens as a result of losing the vote to become Master of the College. This is an intricate plot that goes backwards and forwards. One relationship that does become a little clearer is Bartholomew’s and Mathilde’s. In this book Michael has become a spy for the Archbishop and knows more than Bartholomew which is a development.

3. A Bone of Contention

The country is still feeling the effects of the plague and the lack of people and goods and the town and gown are still fighting in Cambridge, with new colleges being set up. One of the new ones is determined to find some relic bones to attract tourists and money. However, in the process of setting this up people are killed, there are riots and many bodies dumped into the river. It is though, at its heart, a story of revenge and of identity. Several people in this story are not who they seem to be.

2. A Plague on Both Your Houses

  1. An Unholy Alliance

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