Slough House by Mick Herron

This is my most favourite series of books at present so I was delighted to find one that I hadn’t read in the library. It feels like Herron had fun writing this book and once again, the characters are drawn up with attention to detail – Lamb the complete opposite of James Bond (I’m sure Bond never farted!), the agents all with their failings and Peter Judd, ex-home office minister whose

clowning masked a laser-like focus on his own best interests

and must be based on Boris Johnson!

In this book the secret service is being out-sourced and funded by those with interests, one of them being a media mogul, very Bond, who starts to manipulate the news with a little help from Judd. The tables, however, are turned on them by the Slow Horses in thier own chaotic way doing Di Taverner’s job for her and solving the problem.

We never did get to find out what happened to the media mogul who, as we last left him, was chained to the floot of an enpty shop. Are we left to believe that he died there? Hoorah!

Such fun and very well written.

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