Book Lovers by Emily Henry

I had seen this book all over social media, not a reason to read it of course, but it does suggest that there is something worthwhile so I booked it as an audiobook through BorrowBox and it was my turn this week.

I have to say that this is the best written romance I have read over the last few weeks with themes other than falling in love with the man who appears surly and unresponsive but underneath isn’t at all. This is also a book about sisters, looking after each other, standing on our own two feet, grief and accepting that we don’t all want the same things.

The Kirkus review has a good summary of the book so I won’t write another one here. It would take more energy than I really have at the moment for this type of book although it was funny in places. In this story both the city and small town win where it is set – so often the small town loses out so in several other ways Henry has tried to subvert the tropes of romance. The protaganist is not the simpering country girl in a cottage surrounded by flowers but career minded, doesn’t want children and loves high heels and she retains all of these right through to the end. Henry’s message is that there is someone perfect for each of us out there and we don’t need to change to be loved.

The books part in the title is that both Nora and Charlie work in publishing, Charlie is running a bookshop in the small town and on the 12th of December Nora always goes and choses a book to buy in memory of her mother’s birthday. Charlie and Nora also edit a book together.

Not bad for a romance.

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