The Bourne Evolution by Brian Freeman

Don’t you just love a publishing franchise. This is Robert Ludlum’s (TM) The Bourne Evolution written by Freedman and sadly it isn’t a patch on the originals. In fact this uses some elements of previous stories – an investigative journalist uncovering a story, women Bourne loves being killed and so having to leave him to set off on a new life of their own before this happens and Bourne set up to appear as the baddy.

This is the 13th book written after the original three and it shows. One of the things that was good about Bourne books was that they were more realistic than James Bond. In the films, the things Bourne was up against were all believable but in this book it is a stereotypical character – a dominatrix with a beautiful body and a lot of sadism.

I won’t bother reading the others.

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