The IT Girl by Ruth Ware

When I find myself turning to the last few pages because I have got a bit bored, I know that it is not really the book for me.

Set in academia in Oxford, Hannah starts at university but finds her best friend dead in her room one evening. Based on her evidence, John Neville is convicted of Hannah’s murder and although he maintains his innocence, he eventually dies in prison. This sets off questions for Hannah about whether she was right or not about what she saw.

The book is divided into Before and After chapters: before April’s body is discovered and After 10 years later when Hannah is in Edinburgh pregnant and married to April’s boyfriend.

April is the IT girl: rich, clever and fun with an edge that can be malicious. Plenty of reasons to kill her.

You will suspect all the characters in the book of killing her by the time you have finished so the ending isn’t really a surprise in terms of who dunnit but it was a surprise as to how/why. The story dips into the effects of survivor’s guilt with Hannah struggling on a day to day basis with April’s death until it is resolved.

I have enjoyed other Ruth Ware books more.

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