The Divinities

The first in the Drake and Crane series, this book sets up the rest of the books with Drake working for the Met Police but leaving at the end ready to set up privately.

Set in London, the story focuses on a killing staged in the middle of a building site. Drake is given 48 hours to solve it and then it will be handed over to Pryce who would like to run Drake out of the Force. Eventually a link is established between the two people who were killed and this leads to the killer but takes in both Drake and Crane’s histories, linking them together.

This is a police procedural series but was good and had me coming back to read rather than knit or sew. Definitiely a series I will keep up with.

I am not really sure what the title has to do with the story – just passed me by I think and there was remarkably little about the coule who were killed. The book doesn’t really focus on them, more rake and Crane and establishing their story.

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