Top Ten on Tuesday – Most anticpated books of 2024

Top Ten on Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl on her blog. Each tuesday there is a prompt that can be used to create a list of books. The best bit of it though is you can share your list and look at the lists of all the other people who link to the post. I had no idea there were so many book bloggers still out there.

For this list, I have drawn on authors that I like and am looking forward to their next book. I haven’t really delved into books already published that I am looking forward to reading so here they are in no particular order.

James by Percival Everett – 19th of March. I love Everett’s books, I read three last year, and he is a prolific author, publishing a book every year. Our library doesn’t always get his books so I usually have to purchase these and this one will add to my growing collection of Trees, Erasure, Dr No and I am Not Sidney Poitier

Like Love by Maggie Nelson – I know nothing about this author but I do love essays and this one spans 20 years of the author’s writing so perhaps a good introduction. Read more about it here.

Table for Two by Amor Towles – 2nd April. The Lincoln Highway was one of my highlights in 2022 as was A Gentleman in Moscow so this may well be one in 2024. It is short stories and that is probably my least favourite format for story telling but it is good to move out of your comfort zone. You can read more about it here.

Anita de Monte Laughs Last by Xochitl Gonzalez – 15th May. Last year I read more books about art, both fiction and non-fiction, and found that I really enjoyed them. Highlights were Spring Can Not be Cancelled by Martin Gaye and Sir David Hockney, The Flames by Sophie Haydock, Tiepolo Blue and the one that made it onto my top ten list of 2023, Thunderclap by Laura Cummings. You can read more about Anita de Monte Laughs Last here.

Farewell, Amethystine by Walter Mosley – Mosley writes gritty, hard-boiled detective novels in the Easy Rawlins series and this is the next in line. I love this series with most of the books having some sort of colour in the title. This one is no different – read more about it here.

Clete by James Lee Burke – there aren’t going to be many more in the Dave Robicheaux series, I would think, so I can’t miss this one. It is the back story of Clete Purcel, Robicheaux’s long-time partner in crime and solving crime. More hard-boiled detectives but part of the appeal for me is the description of the places these books are set in.

The Fury by Alex Michaelides – The Silent Patient was great as was The Maidens so this is something to look forward to. It’s a ‘trapped on an island with a murderer’ story but told in the way Michaelides writes. Read more about it here.

A Refiner’s Fire by Donna Leon. There’s a theme running through the books I am most anticipating this year – detectives in series and, yes. This is another one but set in Venice this time with a philosophising detective in Commissario Brunetti. It’s not released until August but I am squeezing it in.

And finally, in my detective series love-in, I know that Louise Penny is releasing a new Inspector Gamache at some point in the year so I might as well include it in this list!

Perhaps I should also include The Fourth Wing, not a new book, but it was on so many Best of 2023 lists that I have a fear I might be missing out.

Fortunately, this list is only 10 books so there are plenty more to fall upon that are unknown as yet.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten on Tuesday – Most anticpated books of 2024”

  1. I have James on my list, too!

    I read Walter Mosely’s Devil in a Blue Dress way back in 1990 and loved it, but have read any of Mosely’s books since. 🤔 Seeing him on your list makes me want to start reading his books again.

    1. That’s what I love about these lists. They always remind and introduce me to books and authors that i had forgotten about.

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